About Me

Hello my name is Björn Bleckert, I work as an Animator at Starbreeze since 2018.

I worked on PAYDAY 2 as mostly a FPS animator, but helped out with third person animations and implementation of said animations working close with both weapon riggers and code.

I’m a open and team oriented person, I talk to not only my fellow animators but people both before and after the animation step in a pipeline. It is my firm belief that if I understand parts of the steps outside my own we can make things easier for everyone involved and improve communication.

Why animation?
I love bringing things to life, everything from the loneliest of spheres to an advanced character.
Big and strong or small and insignificant, bringing out the character in an inanimate object or character is what I do.


While I focus on Animation in Maya and MotionBuilder, I am adept at using a wide array of programs such as:

Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop

As far as Game engines go I have worked towards both Unreal Engine and Unity.

Also I have some experience with SVN and Preforce.

You can download my Resume below!